Watch Now: Composer Jean-Michel Bernard In Concert (2017) | Krakow Film Music Festival

Isn’t it good to watch your favorite composer perform live?  Krakow Film Festival features French Composer Jean-Michel Bernard for his 2017 concert at the festival as he performs a piano medley of film music’s hits such as: E.T., Indiana Jones, Mission: Impossible, Schindler’s List, Taxi Driver and Spartacus.  Watch now via Krakow Film Music Festival online.

On Thursday, following the track of the piano craftsmanship, we will invoke the concert of a French composer and an outstanding pianist – Jean-Michel Bernard. When it comes to the music genres, we will hear in it almost everything – nostalgic waltzes and lullabies, lyrical cantilenas and complicated jazz rhythms, nostalgic blues and a fiery ragtime performed for an encore. Concert repertoire will include, among others, such hits as: E.T., Indiana Jones, Mission Impossible, Schindler’s List, Taxi Driver and Spartacus.

This year’s Krakow Film Music Festival takes place in an online version.  More information on

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