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Dispatches From Elsewhere: Music From The Elsewhere Society and Music From The Jejune Institute – Out Now

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The [Elsewhere] record is a collection of atmospheric, guitar-driven instrumentals. The whole thing has a killer shoegaze vibe, like My Bloody Valentine with the sharp edges sanded down in a way that allows you to kick back and let the waves of distorted tone wash over you.  [The Jejune Institute] music occasionally warps in interesting ways, sounding like it’s being played from a worn-out VHS tape or a cassette left in the back seat of your car for too long. The atmosphere built on this album is as compelling as its sister record, but achieved in such a completely different sound.  – Under The Radar

If you’re someone that recently concluded the first season of Jason Segel’s AMC TV series, “Dispatches from Elsewhere,” you know the show is incredibly strange (in a good way). The mysterious, fantastical series doesn’t play by typical storytelling rules, and it appears that offbeat sensibility extends to the release of the scores, as well. Yes, scores, as in plural. – The Playlist

Your quest begins here.  Dispatches From Elsewhere: Music From The Elsewhere Society, and Dispatches From Elsewhere: Music From The Jejune Institute is available now on all major digital music services on Lakeshore Records.  The soundtracks to the surreal AMC Series created by Jason Segel features score by Atticus Ross, Leopold Ross and Claudia Sarne (Earthquake Bird, The Book of Eil).  The critically-acclaimed series has received numerous accolades, and called “game-changing” (The AV Club) and “Twin Peaks meets Alice In Wonderland” (The Guardian).  See the album music players and download links below.

Watch all episodes of Dispatches From Elsewhere now on AMC.com.

Soundtrack Available Now: [Music From The Elsewhere Society][Music From The Jejune Institute]



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