New Soundtracks: ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Vinyl, ‘I Trapped The Devil’ + More!

This week, The Umbrella Academy fans will be delighted to see the vinyl release of Jeff Russo’s series score, and Ben Lovett unleashes his new score to I Trapped The Devil. If you’ve been following Ben’s film music career, then the tidbits about I Trapped The Devil will be a fun read. Also, coming soon are two new scores you simply can’t miss from five-time EMMY® Winner Jeff Beal (“House Of Cards”, “Monk”, Appaloosa) and John Murphy (Kick-Ass, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels; Snatch). But, for what productions, you may ask? You’ll just have to keep reading to find out.

THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY PICTURE DISC (FYE EXCLUSIVE) – [Listen/Download Digital Album][Order Vinyl]
Score by Jeff Russo.

Available exclusively at FYE, The Umbrella Academy comes to collectible picture disc vinyl for the very first time! This sought-after release features Jeff Russo’s original score to the wildly popular Netflix series based on the Eisner Award-winning graphic novels by Gerard Way (of My Chemical Romance) and Gabriel Bà for Dark Horse Comics.

The hit series will be returning for a Season 2. All episodes of THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Season 1 now streaming on Netflix.

The Umbrella Academy – Jeff Russo

Side A

1 Russia 1989
2 Sudden Birth
3 Hazel and Cha Cha
4 The Umbrella Academy
5 Homecoming
6 Klaus
7 Hazel And Agnes
8 Goodbye Delores
9 The Day That Wasn’t

Side B

10 Vanya Locked Up
11 Vanya’s Orchestra
12 Vanya’s Orchestra II
13 Apocalypse –
14 Dancing
15 Vanya

I TRAPPED THE DEVIL – [Download/Listen]
Score by Ben Lovett.

Veteran indie-film composer Ben Lovett (“Sun Don’t Shine,” “The Wind,” “The Signal”) contributes a strong score. – Dennis Harvey, Variety

Ben Lovett’s score is more evidence that the man who sold the horror in The Wind and The Ritual understands the importance of music in horror. Those two films utilized music and sound perfectly to create tension and put that feeling of dread in your stomach. With I Trapped the Devil operating in minimalism, the music is even more important in establishing tension and Lovett’s score melds with the sound effects to create an underlying dread that percolates through the entire film. It pulses, mixing ambient noises and thudding bass. – Gayly Dreadful

Ben Lovett is back with another horror score, and this time it’s for IFC Midnight’s I Trapped The Devil directed by Josh Lobo and (fun fact) produced by Film Critic Scott Weinberg (Thrillist, Bloody Disgusting, Nerdist, Rotten Tomatoes, Syfy Wire, etc.), this film reunites Scott Poythress and AJ Bowen (from Synchronicity and The Signal). Available now on Apple Music and iTunes, the album is coming soon to all other digital music services!

IFC Midnight presents I TRAPPED THE DEVIL, now playing in select theaters and on VOD. Get tickets in NYC at the IFC Center online.

I Trapped The Devil (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Ben Lovett

01. I Trapped the Devil
02. Not Expecting Company
03. Whatever Hurts You the Most
04. A Brief Philosophy of the Abyss
05. Something Feels Wrong
06. Winter
07. In the Basement
08. Pattern of Evil
09. Alone in the Attic
10. Faith Makes People Dangerous
11. Open the Door
12. Meet the Devil
13. It’s Christmas

LES MISÉRABLES – [pre-order]
Score by John Murphy.

Lakeshore Records is thrilled to be releasing the forthcoming album to the MASTERPIECE mini-series on PBS, Les Misérables – Original Series Soundtrack featuring score by John Murphy! Stay tuned for more album details.

Victor Hugo’s masterpiece Les Misérables comes to television in a six-part adaptation by multi award-winning screenwriter Andrew Davies.

Les Miserables (Original Soundtrack)
John Murphy

01. Les Miserables
02. Javert on the Bridge
03. The Morning After
04. Valjean Breaks Down
05. Fantine’s Descent
06. Atonement
07. Relentless
08. Makeover
09. Scavengers
10. Cosette in the Woods
11. La Chaumiere
12. Fantine and Felix
13. Tension
14. On the River
15. A Braver Thing to Live
16. 5pm
17. Luxembourg Gardens
18. Leaving Montfermeuil
19. Riding to Digne
20. Cosette’s Piano
21. Javert
22. Salvation
23. Massacre
24. Valjean’s Last Words

Les Misérables on Facebook

Les Misérables – the six-part mini-series is now airing Sundays at 9/8c on MASTERPIECE on PBS (check local listings).

Score by Jeff Beal.

The forthcoming The Biggest Little Farm – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack features score by Jeff Beal (House of Cards). See the track list below. Stay tuned for more album details!

THE BIGGEST LITTLE FARM chronicles the eight-year quest of John and Molly Chester as they trade city living for 200 acres of barren farmland and a dream to harvest in harmony with nature.
Through dogged perseverance and embracing the opportunity provided by nature’s conflicts, the Chester’s unlock and uncover a biodiverse design for living that exists far beyond their farm, its seasons, and our wildest imagination.
Featuring breathtaking cinematography, captivating animals, and an urgent message to heed Mother Nature’s call, THE BIGGEST LITTLE FARM provides us all a vital blueprint for better living and a healthier planet.

The Biggest Little Farm (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Jeff Beal

01. Wild Fire / Title Sequence
02. Molly’s Dream
03. A Life That Would Chance Ours
04. Regeneration
05. Purpose
06. Barking All Day
07. A Great Idea
08. Apricot Lane Farms
09. Not Much Life
10. Alan York
11. Laying Out the Plan
12. Clearing the Land
13. An Army of Farmers
14. Plants Build Soil
15. The Animals Arrive
16. Meet Emma
17. The Fruit Basket Orchard
18. Emma’s Brood
19. First Breakthrough
20. Self-Perpetuating
21. Alan’s Secret
22. Emma’s Fever
23. Emma Survives
24. The Bees Arrive
25. Becoming a Paradise
26. Alan Passes
27. Orphaned Lamb
28. Overwhelming
29. Ducks vs. Snails
30. Observation
31. Patient Dance
32. Coyote Attack
33. Coyotes Return
34. Death of Idealism
35. Drought and Wind
36. The Rains Arrive
37. Emma’s New Piglets
38. The Night Vision
39. Too Many Gophers
40. No Longer Alone
41. Purpose Driven Life
42. It’s Perfect

The Biggest Little Farm on Facebook

NEON presents THE BIGGEST LITTLE FARM, in theaters May 10 (get tickets).

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