‘Our House’ Soundtrack: Mark Korven Horror Score Comes To CD + Album Review | Soundtrack Geek

The powerful opening soon enters a darker more ambient void with a lot of sound engineering created to creep you out. It works, as I’m on the edge of my seat. – Soundtrack Geek


Mark Korven’s (The Witch) horror score to Our House, is coming to CD later this month on October 26, and in case you haven’t given the album a full listen, Soundtrack Geek gives us a few reasons to take the soundtrack for a spin.  With a “Geek Score” of 96.9 (out of 100), this score album is a contender for your Halloween party playlist.  Check out the review now at Soundtrack Geek and let us know what you think!

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen][pre-order CD]

IFC Midnight and XYZ Films present OUR HOUSE, available now on Digital (rent it on iTunes).



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