The Rise of The Synths Soundtrack: The Two-EP Synth Score Review | Soundtrack Dreams

What I love most about this music is how immersive it is, unlike anything else I could listen to, and it never fails to get me… I love it that this genre is finally getting some recognition. Can’t wait to see the documentary. – Soundtrack Dreams


Film music reviewer Soundtrack Dreams dives deep into the two-EP synth score albums of The Rise of The Synths (The Official Companion Album), and he has something to say about a lot of the artists featured on the albums!  Next month, Lakeshore Records will be releasing a special digital edition of the synth album compilation, to be released on the same day with the vinyl release.  More details coming soon!  Read the full album review now at Soundtrack Dreams.

Both EPs of The Rise of The Synths (The Companion Album) are available now digitally: [EP 1][EP 2]

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