Cassette Store Day: Own Your Copy of ‘Night Of The Living Dead’, ‘Drive’, ‘Synchronicity’ and ‘Stranger Things’

In honor of Cassette Store Day, we’re featuring Lakeshore Records cassette releases available now!  With the new release of Night of The Living Dead rescore this week, we’re also pleased to announce that the Drive soundtrack on cassette, previously an Urban Outfitters exclusive, is now available everywhere.  And in case you missed it, expect to see the Stranger Things Season 2 soundtrack on cassette coming soon!  See details below.

Night Of The Living Dead (Original Motion Picture Rescore) – order Megatapes

Newly-released this week on cassette is OGRE and Dallas Campbell’s rescore to George Romero’s seminal zombie horror film, Night of The Living Dead!  See our previous announcement about this synthwave rescore here.


Drive (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – order at Megatapes 


The iconic soundtrack to the cultural phenomenon that is Drive maintains its retro-inspired roots in this sought-after cassette release. Featuring score by Cliff Martinez, and music by Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx, Desire, College, Rita Ortolani and Chromatics, this soundtrack’s far-reaching influence can now be heard in many synthwave album releases to this day.  Previously an Urban Outfitters exclusive, this new release is now available everywhere.


Synchronicity (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – order at Megatapes

Synchronicity (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - score by Ben Lovett on Lakeshore Records.

Jacob Gentry’s mind-bending time travel film, Synchronicity, draws inspiration from the iconic Ridley Scott sci-fi thriller, Blade Runner.   The film’s cinematic homage extends into the well-executed film score by Ben Lovett!  Ben’s work earned accolades from peers and critics alike, garnering him a Discovery of The Year Nomination at the World Soundtrack Awards.  Certainly one of Lakeshore Records’ favorite releases of 2016,


Stranger Things Vol. 1 & 2 – order at Urban Outfitters

Netflix’s hit series, “Stranger Things”, arguably the most talked-about TV series of 2016, garnered composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein a lot of attention for their evocative synth score.  As one-half of the Austin-based band, S U R V I V E, the talented duo earned a Golden Globe® win for the main title theme and two GRAMMY® nominations, the first TV GRAMMY® nom since Angelo Badalamenti’s iconic main title theme was nominated for David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” hit series in 1990!  The initial run of these VHS-inspired Season 1 cassettes, designed by award winning Art Director John Bergin, sold out quickly at Urban Outfitters, so don’t miss out!

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