Carpenter Brut Debuts ‘Night Stalker’ Single For ‘The Rise of The Synths’ Companion Album on Bandcamp

The Rise of The Synths Companion Album drops its debut single with “Night Stalker” by Carpenter Brut, and it’s available exclusively now via Lakeshore Records at Bandcamp!  Preview or download the track below.

The cut clearly reflects Carpenter Brut’s deft approach to synthwave — darksynth bathed in the melodic predilections of Tangerine Dream, Dario Argento, and the man for which the Carpenter Brut project derives its name; and scrubbed raw with the essence of SebastiAn. – Vehlinggo

Comprised of new and exclusive track by international synthwave bands such as Code Elektro (Denmark), Dance With The Dead (California-U.S.), OGRE (U.K.), Robert Parker (Sweden), Voyager (Detroit-U.S.) and more to be announced, the album was conceived in support of the ongoing Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign for The Rise of The Synths documentary about synthwave and ’80s retro and electronic music.  The filmmakers’ crowd-funding campaign is running right now.  Head over to IndieGogo to give them your support!


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