Exclusive Song Lyrics And Lyric Video For ‘Lonely Light’ By Brendan McCreary And Kevin Murphy From ‘Songs Of Defiance Season 2’ Soundtrack!

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Lonely Light
Music by Brendan McCreary
Lyrics by Kevin Murphy

Tiny morning dawning
From a lonely sun
We were born in twilight
We will die beneath the one

Viaziga – how I long for Sulos
Viaziga – such pallid rays
Viaziga – these nights so barren
Turning in to washed out days

Now you lie beside me
I can feel your breath
You rescind my journey
Your love ransoms me from death

Viaziga – we will bloom together
Viaziga – beneath dark skies
Viaziga – we’ll warm eachother
Votan starlight in our eyes

Odvikan’ Yogzahit – now my boots are polished
Howvrezhitanni – and my weapon too
Zatsek kiv nimisen – I prepare for battle
Verlirayan peshaya – I will win this world for you

Viaziga – limash’ inkilehet – Lonely Light – we will march on Lima
Viaziga – peru pershayat – Lonely Light – we will take Peru
Viaziga – diokshin bomvaset – Lonely Light – I will conquer darkness
Lewsikizowka tewse – I will bring twin suns to you

Viaziga – Lonely Light!

Odvikan’ Yogzahit
Zatsek kiv nimisen
Verlirayan peshaya



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