Cartel Land: Award-Winning Doc In Select Theaters Now, Own The Soundtrack

Cartel Land, director Matthew Heineman’s Sundance Film Festival award-winning documentary is now playing in select theaters!  Executive produced by Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow, Heineman’s hard-hitting film explores the conflict on both sides of the U.S. and Mexico border where vigilantes in both countries are combatting the Mexican drug cartel.  Read film and score reviews below.  Cartel Land is now playing at IFC Center and at Lincoln Plaza in New York, and at Sundance Cinema in Madison, WI.  More cities to follow (find a theater).

Cartel Land (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Read our previous announcement about Cartel Land for more film and soundtrack details.

Download The Album!

Cartel Land (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): iTunespre-order CD

“First-time creative collaborators, the divergence in age, experience, and iTunes playlists between them resulted in distinct challenges and a unique simultaneously colloquial and non-verbal counter-intuitive synchronicity elegance.”  -Michael Rogers, Film Music Magazine

“It’s been a great experience listening to this score. There are a lot of ways they could have approached the score, but I feel that the mix is really good. There’s some obvious Mexican inspired cues and then there’s a number of soft ambient cues and even some electronica and some action. I definitely enjoyed this.” –Soundtrack Geek


The 20 Best Documentaries of 2015 So FarIndieWIRE/ThePlaylist

“Brilliant, incredible, dark, and all-too-current…the movie feels almost like an action-thriller…with the force of a punch right in the heart…a tight, dark, and powerful narrative that’s almost too dramatic to be true.” –Collider

“An astonishing journalistic achievement, the film brilliantly follows the trajectory of the story down a path that’s as shocking as it is nihilistic. With sequences right out of a war film…This is a film that’s both timely and timeless, an examination of what appears to be an unassailable cycle of awfulness.” –Twitch Film

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Go see Cartel Land, now playing in theaters (find a theater).

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