Merchants of Doubt Is Certified Fresh! Preview The Soundtrack Feat. Emmy Winner Mark Adler, Film Opens On March 6 In New York And Los Angeles!

One of the things I like about film scoring is that over the years, different projects have commanded different types of music and I’ve always been able to dial in something that I personally like stylistically in order to serve that particular film. The other thing is that I never want to feel that I’m becoming a hack and recycling old stuff. It’s really important that I respond to the picture in front of me in a completely fresh and in the moment way. -Composer Mark Adler


The people have spoken: Merchants of Doubt is Certified Fresh on where ratings are generated by user submissions., which gave the album a high score, says the soundtrack is “comedic and ironic” with “moody, dreamy and ambient” cues.  And, with the backing of Los Angeles Times film critic Kenneth Turan, who calls the film “enthralling,” summarizes the documentary in his recent review: “It gives a peek behind the curtain of how public opinion is formed in this country, how spin doctors and media manipulators — often the same folks working across a whole range of issues — get people to ignore science at their own peril.”  Merchants of Doubt is a movie-going experience you don’t want to miss.  Directed by Robert Kenner, Merchants of Doubt opens in theaters on March 6 in New York and Los Angeles (check show times).  Stay tuned for more soundtrack details!

Merchants Of Doubt (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Various Artists

01. Merchants Of Doubt – Mark Adler
02. Smoking – Mark Adler
03. The Box – Mark Adler
04. Playbook – Mark Adler
05. Flame Retardants – Mark Adler
06. Incendiary – Mark Adler
07. Third Parties – Mark Adler
08. Industry Shills – Mark Adler
09. Three-Card Monte – Mark Adler
10. Nasa and The Greenhouse Effect – Mark Adler
11. Naomi’s Research – Mark Adler
12. Cold War Scientists – Mark Adler
13. Denier Ideology – Mark Adler
14. The Skeptic – Mark Adler
15. Follow The Data/Freedom Fest – Mark Adler
16. Parallel Worlds – Mark Adler
17. Fire Safety – Mark Adler
18. Advancing Science – Mark Adler
19. Birth Of The Think Tank – Mark Adler
20. Lobbyist Revealed – Mark Adler
21. Industry Behind The Think Tanks – Mark Adler
22. Morano – Mark Adler
23. Climate Action Derailed – Mark Adler
24. Hoop Trick – Mark Adler
25. Americans For Prosperity – Mark Adler
26. Less Freedom – Mark Adler
27. Political Flip – Mark Adler
28. Tea Party – Mark Adler
29. Head and Heart – Mark Adler
30. Arctic Drilling – Mark Adler
31. Hansen and Inglis – Mark Adler
32. You Fooled Me – Eg White

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Merchants of Doubt Soundtrack on Lakeshore Records

Directed by Robert Kenner, Merchants of Doubt opens in theaters on March 6 in New York and Los Angeles (check show times).  Stay tuned for more soundtrack details!

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