The Cobbler: Score By John Debney And Nick Urata Available 3/10, Comedy Starring Adam Sandler Opens 3/13!

John Debney And Nick Urata Team Up To Score The Cobbler, The New Comedy Starring Adam Sandler, Dan Stevens, Steve Buscemi, Dustin Hoffman And Ellen Barkin


“The Cobbler” allows for a seamless meeting of the multiple identity minds between Debney and Urata for “Win Win” filmmaker Tom McCarthy, here with a score that has the delicious ethnic swing that encapsulates both “The Cobbler’s” Hebraic background and 20s jazz swing. -Daniel Schweiger, Film Music Magazine


Lakeshore Records will release the soundtrack to The Cobbler, featuring the score by Academy Award nominee John Debney (Stonehearst Asylum, Houdini, Draft Day, Passion of the Christ) and Nick Urata, front man of the internationally acclaimed band DeVotchKa, who has scored such films as the Academy Award winning film Little Miss Sunshine, co-scored the hit romantic comedy Crazy, Stupid Love (starring Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling) and Jack Goes Boating (which stars The Cobbler director Thomas McCarthy and Philip Seymour Hoffman).   The Cobbler opens in theaters on March 13.  Stay tuned for more soundtrack details!


The Cobbler (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
The Cobbler (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Various Artists

01. The Cobbler Main Title – John Debney
02. Lone Figures Meeting – John Debney
03. Fifty Large – John Debney
04. New Customer – John Debney
05. Magical Stitcher – John Debney
06. Home To Ma’s House – John Debney
07. Need Repairman – John Debney
08. Becoming Ludlow – John Debney
09. Test Drive – Nick Urata
10. Ma’s Wish – Nick Urata
11. Visiting The Crime Scene – John Debney
12. Bar Pick Up To Mom’s – John Debney
13. Showering With Kara – John Debney
14. Pop’s Soles – Nick Urata
15. Prepping For Dinner – John Debney
16. Date Night Reunion – John Debney
17. Date Night Dinner – John Debney
18. Ma Passes – Nick Urata
19. Becoming A Badass – John Debney
20. Ludlow’s Closet – John Debney
21. Ludlow vs. Ludlow – John Debney
22. Gotta Pee – John Debney
23. Stiletto To The Throat – John Debney
24. Max Goes To The Police – John Debney
25. What The Crap! – John Debney
26. Marsha Returns Money – John Debney
27. Old Man Albert – John Debney
28. Getting Involved – John Debney
29. Soloman’s Shoes Deal – John Debney
30. Mixed Bag Of Shoes – John Debney
31. New York – Nick Urata
32. Carmen Asks Max Out – Nick Urata
33. Also A Cobbler – Nick Urata
34. Cobbler Medley – John Debney
35. Step Into My Shoes – Arlan Feile

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Directed by Thomas McCarthy, The Cobbler opens in theaters on March 13.

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