Journey To Space: Score By Cody Westheimer Available On Pre-order, See The Film At Select Giant Screen And IMAX Theaters!

Composer Cody Westheimer’s Soaring Score To Scifi Documentary Journey To Space Makes Its Premiere On March 3, Epic Film About Space Exploration Is Narrated By Iconic Actor Patrick Stewart


Lakeshore Records will release the soundtrack to Journey to Space, available digitally on March 3!  The soundtrack features the sweeping orchestral score by Composer Cody Westheimer, who has created numerous themes for film, television and games, such as the theme for the Tour De France on NBC, featured music at the London 2012 Olympics, and his “Images To Remember” theme heard every Sunday during NBC’s Meet The Press show, to name a few.  Narrated by iconic actor Patrick Stewart, Journey to Space annihilates the note that the space program ended with the Space Shuttle Program.  Pre-order Journey to Space (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) and be amongst the first to receive the album when it becomes available.  Stay tuned for the album preview!

Pre-order The Album!

Journey To Space (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): iTunes

Cody Westheimer - Journey To Space (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) on iTunes

Journey To Space (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Cody Westheimer

  1. The Endless Horizon – Cody Westheimer
  2. To Mars And Beyond – Cody Westheimer
  3. Endeavor’s Final Journey – Cody Westheimer
  4. Inside The Shuttle – Cody Westheimer
  5. An Eye On The Cosmos – Cody Westheimer
  6. Docking With MIR – Cody Westheimer
  7. Space Science – Max Braverman
  8. A Home Above – Max Braverman
  9. ISS Construction – Cody Westheimer
  10. Grace Of The Brave – Cody Westheimer
  11. Orion Training – Cody Westheimer
  12. Mars – Cody Westheimer
  13. Extended Weightlessness – Cody Westheimer
  14. A Spacegirl’s Dream – Cody Westheimer
  15. How To Build A Spacesuit – Max Braverman
  16. Mars In My Backyard – Cody Westheimer
  17. Underwater Training – Cody Westheimer
  18. The Exploring Kind – Cody Westheimer
  19. Red Planet Arrival – Cody Westheimer
  20. Meet Me On Mars – Cody Westheimer
  21. The Unimagined – Cody Westheimer
  22. End Credits – Cody Westheimer
  23. The Blue Danube – Cody Westheimer

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