Horns: Daniel Radcliffe Proves That Love Can Hurt Like Hell, Soundtracks Now On iTunes!

Featured On Netflix: Horns – Daniel Radcliffe Goes Through Hell And Back For Girlfriend Played By Juno Temple, Score Album & Various Artists Soundtracks Now Available On iTunes!


If you’re looking for a fun date night movie to watch — perhaps for Valentine’s Day — then check out Horns on Netflix, starring Daniel Radcliffe and Juno Temple.  “Ig Perish” (Daniel Radcliffe) is devastated when his girlfriend  (Juno Temple) is murdered mysteriously.  Supernatural things start happening just as he begins to investigate her murder while trying to prove his innocence; however, he looks more and more guilty because, well, he sprouts horns on his head.  The score by Robin Coudert lends to the surreal and dark atmosphere while music from the likes of David Bowie, and Pixies, The Flaming Lips and Marilyn Manson, gives it that rock ‘n’ roll fable edge that delighted audiences when the film premiered last Halloween.

Download The Albums!

Horns (Original Motion Picture Score): iTunes

Watch Horns Score Album Preview On YouTube

 Lakeshore Records: Horns (Original Motion Picture Score)

Horns (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): iTunes

Watch Horns Various Artists Album Preview On YouTube

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