Watch ‘Kite’ Starring India Eisley & Samuel L. Jackson – On Demand Today! Download The Soundtrack Ft. Paul Hepker

Kite, the new movie starring India Eisley (Underworld: Awakening) and Samuel L. Jackson is available On Demand today (rent it on iTunes) and in theaters now (check showtimes).  Kite (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is available now from Lakeshore Records and features original music by Paul Hepker (Rendition, TsotsiThe Bird Can’t Fly).

Download The Album!

Kite (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): iTunes

Lakeshore Records: Kite (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

More About ‘Kite’ Movie

Download the Album!

Kite (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Paul Hepker

  1. Kratsov’s Comeuppance
  2. Oburi
  3. New Azania
  4. Jonesin’
  5. Get The Emir
  6. Vic Meets A Pretty Face
  7. Dead Keen
  8. Death By Dildo
  9. Sawa’s Theme
  10. No Kite For Karl
  11. Numbers Get Money Girl
  12. Pillay Crime Scene
  13. Interlude Of Concern
  14. Stairwell Parkour
  15. Jonesin’ On The Move
  16. Numbers Compound
  17. A Little Cranky
  18. Girl Cage
  19. No More Pretty Face
  20. Thanks For The Joy Ride
  21. Aker Finds The Photo
  22. Death By Chopsticks / Sh-sh-sh-showdown
  23. So Long Staggie Steyns
  24. Cheekyprawn Chase
  25. Burning The Past
  26. Closing Walls
  27. Meat Truck
  28. The Emir’s Kitchen
  29. Death By Cutlery
  30. Hollow
  31. Morgue
  32. Take The Amp
  33. Some Hole / Girly Knife
  34. Breedlove’s Bunker
  35. Unsavory Associations
  36. Bullshit Confession
  37. Beautiful Monster
  38. Kite Flashback
  39. Suite from Kite 

Kite is in theaters now (check showtimes).

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