* Gary Numan’s ‘From Inside’ Score For Post-Apocalyptic Film By John Bergin Available Now

From Inside tells the story of a young pregnant woman on a damaged train moving slowly through a post-apocalyptic landscape where floods, war, starvation and a plague of death threaten the train’s passengers.

Numan described the important challenge of the film was to create music ‘to establish the relentless power and motion of the train, the desolate landscape, the tragedy of what had happened.'” -Read more at Billboard.com.

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Available now digitally and on CD: From Inside (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), original music by Gary Numan & Ade Fenton.  The limited edition album on vinyl will be available on December 2 (check it out at MVD!).


From Inside was Numan’s first solo foray into writing for film.  He explained, “With an album of rock songs you work in a verse/chorus type of format, with film you have no such limits. Although I’m very new to film composing to me it was a very welcome change, it was surprisingly liberating as a writer to not be tied to the ‘song’ approach to making music.”

Director John Bergin‘s animated film has screened in over 35 film festivals around the world and garnered “Winner: Best Animated Film” at the prestigious SITGES International Film Festival; “Winner: Best Feature” at Utopiales; “Winner: First Feature” at Fantasia, to name a few.

About The Composers:

The British-born Gary Numan first reached prominence as a member of Tubeway Army and later as a solo artist during the British New Wave movement of the 1980s.  Widely credited as one of the founding fathers of ‘synth-pop’, Numan has been a lasting hero of electronic musicians for several decades, releasing over 35 albums and constantly touring since first breaking onto the scene.

Ade Fenton has been making and performing music for the last 15 years, establishing himself as a respected artist, record producer and remixer for acts including Gary Numan, The Duke Spirit, Slash IAMX and Motor.

About The Director:

John Bergin is a writer, graphic novel artist, and musician, known for his book From Inside and his music to The Crow. Bergin was nominated for the Harvey Award for Best New Talent.  From Inside is re-mastered with the new score by Gary Numan & Ade Fenton.

Lakeshore Records: From Inside: Gary Numan Special Edition

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