Happy Anniversary, WarGames! Pop Culture Movie Favorite Turns 31

“Shall we play a game?”  This weekend marks the 31st anniversary of WarGames (rent it on iTunes), one of pop culture’s favorite movies.  Debuted in theaters on June 3, 1983, WarGames stars Matthew Broderick (The ProducersDeck The HallsWonderful World), Dabney Coleman (HBO’s Boardwalk Empire) and Ally Sheedy (Welcome To The RileysThe Breakfast Club).  Released by Lakeshore Records, Wonderful World (rent it on iTunes) is scored by Craig Richey and Welcome to the Rileys is scored by Marc Streitenfeld.

Lakeshore Records: Matthew Broderick Matthew Broderick in a scene from Wonderful World.

Directed by John Badham (The CW’s Supernatural), WarGames hypothesized what would happen if a teen wiz kid could accidentally hack into the ultimate video game.  He soon realize that his online war game might actually be real.  The film was made during the Cold War, when the thought of a Soviet threat was a looming dread for many.

Download these soundtracks by Composer Craig Richey:

Answers to Nothing: iTunes | Buy CD

Girl On A Bicycle: iTunes | Buy CD

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters: iTunes | Buy CD


Download these soundtracks by Marc Streitenfeld:

The Grey: iTunes | Buy CD

Welcome to the Rileys: iTunes | Buy CD


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