Catching Up With ‘I, Frankenstein’ Soundtrack Artist Geno Lenardo – Watch The Movie Now On Demand!

On the eve of the I, Frankenstein HD digital release (watch on Amazon), we caught up with Geno Lenardo, one-half of the band, By Maker.  Co-founded by Daniel Davies (of Year Long Disaster) while working together on the I, Frankenstein Soundtrack, the partnership formed a new working friendship which endures to this day.  Lakeshore Records released this album infused with Electro-Goth and Industrial sounds.  Engineered with explosive beats and big guitars shredding to your delight, the tracks electrify your image of Aaron Eckhart’s “Adam” battling evil gargoyles like no immortal can.

Lakeshore Records: Geno Lenardo - I, FRANKENSTEIN

Can you share something from the I, Frankenstein music video shoots?
Well one thing people probably don’t know from those shoots is that originally Will Hunt from Evanescence was to be drumming in the videos. Unfortunately his father fell ill and he was unable to come to L.A. to the shoot. I was really lucky that my old friend Kourtney Klein from Army On The Dance Floor was available last minute. She kicked ass and looks great.

Working as a music composer yourself, who do you admire?
There are so many.  Danny Elfman for his gothic textures, Mark Mothersbaugh, for his Wes Anderson scores, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross for the really cool textures they create.  Social Network is my favorite modern score.  I would definitely have to list John Williams because I grew up with Raiders Of The Lost Ark and the Star Wars movies.  He’s the best theme writer in film without a doubt.

Lakeshore Records: I, Frankenstein's Aaron EckhartIMAGE: AARON ECKHART IN A SCENE FROM I, FRANKENSTEIN

Before you begin on a project, do you have any rituals?
There’s always a bit of research and pre-production I do. It could be as simple as consolidating collections of samples from my personal libraries or as involved as doing a lot of new sound design to create a whole new world of sounds. If it’s an album for a film I get as much possible information out of the director as I can. Most have made a temp track for the film and have a clear vision of what they want the music to sound like.  Other than that I just dive in and start writing.

Collaborating and writing with a wide variety of writers and musicians is something that I can’t say enough about.  If you’re always just writing by yourself things can get stagnant.  There’s always something to be learned from another writers approach and/or perspective.

Download The Album! I, Frankenstein (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

There’s three songs on the Underworld Awakening soundtrack I did.  The song, ”Heavy
Prey“ that I wrote with Lacey Sturm from Flyleaf came out really well.  There’s video
we shot for it as well on YouTube.

What’s next for you?
Right now I’m in the process of completing another collaboration with Daniel Davies for Lakeshore Records. We are doing a 10-song album and a separate album of instrumental cues for a graphic novel called Wednesday by John Bergin (of From Inside).  I can’t wait to get it out there.

Now available: Watch I, Frankenstein Video on Demand – Download

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