Out Today: Walk Of Shame Various Artists Soundtrack – Plus James Marsden On Working With Elizabeth Banks

Out today: The Walk of Shame (Various Artists) soundtrack is out today, ahead of the film debut.   The movie Walk of Shame debuts in theaters on May 2.  It’s a fantastic compilation of upbeat tracks that will either get you dancing or grooving in your car.  If you’re looking for catchy music that tells you it’s sunny outside and time to play, then this is it.  Look out for classic hits, remixed for this album: Walking In L.A. (“Motels” cover by Scott Spark & Corky James) and Everybody Have Fun Tonight (by Wang Chung).

Lakeshore Records: Walk of Shame Soundtrack (Various Artists)
Download The Album! Walk of Shame (Various Artists): Download


Read this interview in which co-star James Marsen dishes on working with Elizabeth Banks.  It’s a fun read.

“I’ve known Elizabeth forever, and she’s always been a friend — there’s this Hollywood family that you kind of feel like you’re a part of, and when a movie like this comes along, you get to go play with some of your family. So, Elizabeth and I — or Banksy, as we call her — we got to have fun with this movie. It’s great when you already have a rapport established and you’re already comfortable around one another. She knows that I say Uncle pretty quick — so, she asked me to put a dress on.”

Read the full story at Refinery29.


Are you going to watch Walk of Shame this weekend in theaters?  Let us know what you think!

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