An Interview With Composer Stephen Endelman For ‘Rob The Mob’ Soundtrack

Not given the richest of resources, Stephen Endelman has crafted a truly memorable, and offbeat score with “Rob the Mob” in a way these real-life crooks would likely have appreciated for all of their ill-advised grand schemes, an unlikely break-in that Endelman accomplishes with emotional gusto and a sense of unexpectedly touching irony.”

Check out the rest of the in-depth interview with Rob The Mob soundtrack composer Stephen Endelman on Film Music Magazine.

Rob The Mob Starring Andy Garcia and Ray Romano

Rob The Mob (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), released by Lakeshore Records, is coming March 18 to iTunes, but you can pre-order it at

Track Listing:
01. Love and the Gun – Stephen Endelman and Raymond DeFelitta featuring Tamela D’Amico
02. Groove Is In the Heart – Deee-Lite
03. City In the Sky – Staple Singers
04. Somethin’ You Got – Wilson Pickett
05. I Can Talk To My Boss – Stephen Endelman
06. Flower Shop Robbery – Stephen Endelman
07. Tommy Gets Out – Stephen Endelman
08. Tommy Heads to the Bronx – Stephen Endelman
09. Tommy Goes To Gotti Trial – Stephen Endelman
10. Tommy’s Flashback – Stephen Endelman
11. Big Al’s Balls of Rice – Stephen Endelman
12. Why I Am Me – Stephen Endelman
13. The List – Stephen Endelman
14. Hey Vinnie I Got The List – Stephen Endelman
15. Rosie Calls Al – Stephen Endelman
16. Tommy Premonition – Stephen Endelman
17. I’m Outta Here – Stephen Endelman
18. Worlds Falling Apart – Stephen Endelman
19. Coney Island Montage – Stephen Endelman
20. Flashback – Stephen Endelman
21. Chess – Stephen Endelman
22. Hit Goes Down – Stephen Endelman
23. Christmas Day – Stephen Endelman

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