Drag Me To Hell

This film is cunningly crafted in every detail–direction, script, performances, comic timing, special effects–from thunderous start to delicious finish. – Wall Street Journal

Drag Me To Hell (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music composed by Christopher Young
Download the album at: http://bit.ly/17e4REM

Track Listing

1. Drag Me To Hell
2. Mexican Devil Disaster
3. Tale Of A Haunted Banker
4. Lamia
5. Black Rainbows
6. Ode To Ganush
7. Familiar Familiars
8. Loose Teeth
9. Ordeal By Corpse
10. Bealing Bells With Trumpet
11. Brick Dogs Ala Carte
12. Buddled Brain Strain
13. Auto-Da-Fe
14. Concerto To Hell

Album Available at: iTunes / Amazon


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